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Monet is one of our oldest clients. They initially struggled with website traffic and revenue generation due to poor positioning. We implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included SEO, Facebook Ads, and email marketing. This approach significantly increased their organic web traffic and bookings.

About Monet Yachts

Monet Yachts is a premier yacht charter company based in Miami, offering luxury yacht rentals in Florida and other destinations worldwide. They provide individually designed itineraries and activities that showcase Miami’s glamorous lifestyle. The company boasts a diverse fleet of yachts, including options with various amenities like jet skis, Jacuzzis, and more. They emphasize a high standard of service and offer tailored quotes for customers based on their preferences and budget.

The challenge

Monet Yachts faced significant challenges with website traffic and revenue generation. They struggled to position themselves effectively in the market. Recognizing the critical role of a strong digital strategy, they sought a reliable partner. Upon a recommendation, Monet Yachts turned to Crescendo Media.

For over 3 years, we have been their trusted partner, developing a robust marketing strategy that included SEO, Facebook Ads, and email marketing. This approach significantly increased their organic web traffic and bookings, enhancing their digital presence and driving substantial growth in online revenue.

Monet Yachts praised our capabilities, stating, “They have surpassed what most other companies can offer.” This commendation reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional results for all our clients, regardless of industry or scale. Our innovative strategies, including social media marketing, have cemented our reputation as a leading digital marketing partner, dedicated to the success of our clients.

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Business impact

Since partnering with Crescendo Media, Monet Yachts has witnessed a significant surge in organic search traffic to their website, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased contact form submissions. By relying on our expertise and insights, Monet Yachts has been able to optimize their marketing spend and generate exceptional results. The outcomes of our partnership include:


Increase in online bookings


Increase in web form submissions


Increase new users from organic traffic

Marketing solutions built for you

As part of our partnership, Monet Yachts benefits from a dedicated Crescendo Media account manager. This manager collaborates closely with our team to ensure the success of our strategies. Dasha, the owner of Monet Yachts, has expressed her satisfaction, stating, “Crescendo Media’s dedicated support and expertise have significantly boosted our online presence and revenue. Their account manager ensures seamless communication and effective results. We’re very pleased with their services!”

“Partnering with Crescendo Media has been transformative for Monet Yachts. Their expertise in SEO, Facebook Ads, and email marketing significantly increased our organic search traffic, conversion rates, and contact form submissions. The innovative strategies they implemented optimized our marketing spend and boosted our bookings and revenue. Crescendo Media has truly surpassed our expectations. Highly recommend their services!” Dasha

For Monet Yachts, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

+564 %

Conversion rate

324 %

Increase in organic sessions


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