Marco Maresca

A strategic leader with a diverse background across multiple industries, Marco Anderson has carved a path of success through both corporate roles and entrepreneurial ventures. With over 25 years of experience, Marco has not only served as CFO for leading firms but also successfully launched and managed his own businesses, showcasing a unique blend of financial acumen and innovative business strategy.

His expertise spans financial oversight, strategic investment, and revenue growth, making him instrumental in transforming startups into market leaders. Marco’s approach involves leveraging his deep understanding of market dynamics and financial frameworks to drive business efficiency and profitability.

Marco’s passion extends beyond the balance sheets; he is dedicated to mentoring emerging leaders and helping businesses optimize their financial strategies for long-term success. His extensive experience as a CFO and business owner equips him to empower digital marketing agencies and other client-oriented firms to achieve financial excellence and sustainable growth.

25+ years experience working in accounting and business management.